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The SPA at Four Columns…Bringing you back to ALL of your senses.

Your indoor spa choice: classic and comfortable, temperature controlled treatment room. Complete with a private European steam shower. A very peaceful and relaxing environment that was created for you with the intention of bringing you peace from day to day stress and an opportunity for maximum healing.

Your outdoor spa choice: perfection for the warm months. With maximum privacy in mind we’ve created an open and airy bodywork setting that is situated on our back pond across the meadow. The space is screened off from our buzzing friends. A treatment here is like having a massage in the open, outdoor wilderness. From the breeze, the birds chirping and the babbling brook around you, it highlights your being and the nature all around you.

Swedish Massage 60 / 90 minutes $120 / $180

This traditional massage uses foundational massage techniques to relieve your tension from head to toe. This therapy focuses on deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 / 90 minutes $130 / $190

Relieve aching muscles and revive your senses with this powerful customized massage. Using a variety of stroke styles and pinpointed pressure techniques to help you ease individual muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage 60 / 90 minutes     $150 / $220

Therapeutic heat releases through small stones. Reintroducing the body to its natural origins of the EARTH.

Ashiatsu 60 / 90 minutes $130 / $190

With Its roots in Ayurvedic tradition, this work is done with bars in the ceiling of the treatment space and the foot being the tool. The most luxurious, deep bodywork that can be found. (offsite)

CranioSacral Therapy 70 minutes $120

The most relaxing Bodywork we offer. Using light manipulation of soft tissue and structures in the body to improve the central nervous system.

Thai Yoga Massage 60 / 90 minutes $120 / $180

A bodywork treatment that is the ultimate in pressure, stretch, and relaxation. This work is done clothed and on a mat with the therapist using all of their being to do the work and move with you.