The Bridge Massage

The Bridge is a focused in room Massage Therapy treatment exclusive to The Four Columns. It is the Bridge ‘Back to ALL of Your Senses.’

The Bridge Full Description

Each room, unique in style, is designed to maximize peace and comfort. Our gracious spa-style tubs, fireplaces and luxurious furnishings help create an environment of natural relaxation. Our fireplaces speak to the warm healing power of Massage Therapy. The Bridge was designed with the intention of embracing The Four Columns and Newfane as a destination apart from others.

Bringing you back to ALL of your senses. Leaving you to enjoy the finest space Southern Vermont has to offer, in the best physical, mental, and emotional space possible.

The Bridge at Four Columns, $185

The Bridge with Aromatherapy or Hot Stones, $215

The Bridge with Aromatherapy and Hot Stones, $245

Couples Bridge treatments can be arranged.

Our therapists are happy to speak to you at any point prior to reserving a treatment or receiving a treatment,