Spa & Wellness

Four Columns now features our very own Wellness Center, which is open to the public, utilizing Traditional Western and Eastern Body work practices with the overall intention of returning you to ALL of your senses.

We feature a newly renovated treatment room and a complete European style relaxation wet area, which includes a private steam bath and shower. In our warm months we highlight our outdoor treatment space on the Pond, showcasing the natural beauty of Southern VT and all its healing power. Additionally, we offer a small gym that is perfect for those mornings too brisk for an outdoor stroll. The steam bath and spa area is available to all guests by arrangement, and are a wonderful complement to a day of strenuous Vermont activity.




The Bridge

90 minutes                                          


An “inn” room structured treatment using all the finest luxuries and details of the room to enhance treatment. The ultimate pampering. Couple’s Bridges done upon request and availability (FULL DESCRIPTION).


Swedish Massage

60 / 90 minutes

$120 / $180

This traditional massage uses foundational massage techniques to relieve your tension from head to toe. This therapy focuses on deep relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 / 90 minutes

$130 / $190

Relieve aching muscles and revive your senses with this powerful customized massage. Using a variety of stroke styles and pinpointed pressure techniques to help you ease individual muscle tension and increase circulation.


Hot Stone Massage

60 / 90 minutes

$150 / $220

Therapeutic heat releases through small locally gathered stones that are placed on your specific energy points. Perfect for the colder season.



60 / 90 minutes

$130 / $190

With it’s roots in Ayurvedic tradition, This work is done with bars suspended from the ceiling and the foot and bodyweight of the therapist being the tool that delivers our deepest most luxurious massage that our Spa has to offer.


CranioSacral Therapy

70 minutes


The most relaxing Bodywork we offer. Using light manipulation of soft tissue and structures in the body as well as an energetic intention. This work deeply focuses on the central nervous system which then effects every system in the body. Profoundly healing.



60 / 90 minutes

$130 / $190

A full body massage that focuses on infusing the healing power of pure essential oils into the natural healing power of the body. Stimulating the olfactory nerve (smell) with the oils effects the limbic brain relaxing all systems at once.


With our partners at Village Yoga, we are glad to offer private yoga sessions in our spa, to your level and style practice. Private yoga is a great addition to your relaxing weekend in the beauty of Southern Vermont.


Four Columns Private Yoga

60 minutes / $125

Single or Couples class open the body and mind for greater flexibility, strength and balance. The sessions will always begin and end with a deep mindful relaxation. Sessions will focus on either Vinyasa Flow or a gentle restoration series, your choice.